Vote 2020

Vote. It’s That Simple.

Vote. It’s That Simple.

Democracy is both messy and one of the greatest experiments in human history. On one turn it’s an effort to form “a more perfect union;” on the other, it’s a framework for all of us to define our own futures. This plurality of voices and opinions is why voting is one of the most important things any of us can do. It’s neither red nor blue. It’s a privilege. And an opportunity for each of us to be heard. 

So, on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Duft Watterson will close its doors and encourage employees to vote  – with pay.

We’ve added our name to the growing list of companies, including Salesforce, Twitter, Nextdoor, adidas and more that are offering vote-friendly policies. And we’ve joined ELECTIONDAY.ORG, and we encourage other companies to do the same. In their words, “no one should have to choose between their paycheck and their vote,” and “this isn’t about politics. It’s about participation.”

We couldn’t agree more.

While in some states giving time off to vote is law, it’s not in Idaho. The fact that we believe it should be is not the point, the point is that regardless of state regulation, we feel it’s important and we want our employees to have all the time they need to vote.  

But this is not about us. If you’re reading this, we hope you walk away with two messages:

  • Vote. Whoever and whatever you vote for, please vote
  • If you are an employer, please help make sure your employees have the time they need to vote

 Some helpful resources: