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When big ideas and big hearts align

When big ideas and big hearts align

Great creative takes guts. It also takes perseverance. Strategic alignment. And a little luck. All of this came together when we met Second Harvest of Silicon Valley over a year ago. At the time, their name was Second Harvest of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. It was quite a mouthful for one of the largest food bank non-profits in North America. When we at DW locked arms with them, they were ready for a refresh.

Being located in Silicon Valley, their operations and donor base has a close alliance with innovation. Their people, sourcing and distribution are impressive. Teams from America’s most well-known tech companies regularly volunteer in one of their several warehouses and operations centers.

But their brand didn’t align with the innovation surrounding them. They wanted a more meaningful brand expression, more sophisticated design, tighter UVPs and easier paths for donors to give. So, we embarked on a deep-dive brand research and strategy effort that expressed all of this in everything from brand architecture to marketing strategies, language conventions, brand design, a new website, a marketing plan and yes, a new name: Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

So, with great pride, we introduce you to the refreshed Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

To see the full brand refresh, check it out here.