The Campaign Behind Our Super Bowl Spot with Washington Trust Bank

The Campaign Behind Our Super Bowl Spot with Washington Trust Bank

the ask

For over 100 years, Washington Trust Bank has been known for its “can-do” customer service throughout the Northwest, which led to consistent word-of-mouth growth. But with new people moving into the region, and with the emergence of COVID-19, they realized that new audiences could benefit from hearing how the bank was uniquely positioned to help them move forward, and still dream big.

the process

After eliminating concept after concept we finally decided that instead of showing the smiling bankers we often see in typical bank advertising, we at Duft Watterson created the campaign called, “Can’t is a four-letter word.” It wasn’t just ad copy. It truly reflects how Washington Trust Bank sees the world. So, we went to work, concepting creative TV spots, OOH, print, radio, and digital ads. Working hand in hand with leadership at Washington Trust Bank, we rolled out an omnichannel campaign throughout the Northwest to inspire both consumers and small businesses to keep pushing. The campaign pokes fun at the naysayer mindset that can emerge alongside business and homeownership. 

the goods

Our social campaigns were deployed across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Digital efforts also expanded to programmatic display. 

washington trust bank can't closet office  

Radio spots were broadcasted across the region, like this one. 


Our campaign targeted major metro and expansion areas with these inspiring OOH ads

washington trust bank cant small business

Our team recognized that more people were stuck at home and flipping through magazines. Print ads were placed in various magazines and delivered regionally. Finally, our TV spots embrace pushing past the naysayers and chasing goals. We wrapped up each spot showing people dropping a dollar into a “Can’t Jar”–which is derivative of a swear jar– thereby highlighting, at Washington Trust Bank, “Can’t is a four-letter word.” 

the results

And it worked. Since the campaign launched in 2020, the bank has seen new website traffic and sessions increased by nearly 30% YOY, unique pageviews increased by 24%, and organic search by 28%, which all led to significant increases in brand awareness and new account openings. On top of this, the Can’t Jar has taken on a life of its own. The bank gave them out to the entire company during their annual meeting, and they now sit in branches across the region and are featured in social media, and now it’s own super bowl spot. Customers have requested them for their homes as reminders of the “can do” spirit.


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