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The Best Mom Advice That Stuck With Us

The Best Mom Advice That Stuck With Us

There are few things in life we appreciate more than our mothers. They’re warm, caring, insightful and have a unique perspective that only mothers do. And for the undeniable impression they make on our lives, just one day to recognize them does not seem like enough. Nonetheless, we’re fans of our moms and even bigger fans of the advice they give.

You know what we’re talking about – mom advice. It ranks right up there with Dad Jokes. Mom advice sometimes comes as a subtle push or quiet comment that nudges you in the right direction. Other times it’s resounding guidance that drives you full force toward good choices. Either way, the best mom advice sticks with you. Here at Duft Watterson, we think a lot of our passion and work ethic can be attributed to our moms.

So we asked the team to share the best work-related advice they’ve received from their mom – and we love the results!   

Angie, Content Marketing:

I was blessed with a mom who taught me through her actions more than just her words. Even when I was young, I remember my mom picking me up from daycare in her work clothes and heels after an eight hour work day. That image never left me and encouraged me to pursue my career and passions no matter what it took.

Dan, Senior Copywriter:

My mom has always encouraged me to be creative. When I was a kid, she drove me across town to go to a special creative school. She bought me endless art supplies and was always first in line to read stories I had written. Some of the best advice she gave me was to get as much education I could and to always be inquisitive. She told me, “Never stop learning, no matter how old you are.”

Jill, COO

My mom taught me that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, as long as you’re happy. She helped me navigate my way post-college, as I struggled to figure out what I wanted to be “when I grew up” (which ranged from a nutritionist to a teacher, to an attorney). She made it okay not to have the answer. And when I finally settled into marketing, I found my fit – and a fulfilling career.

Maddie, Graphic Designer:

My mom was the first person to encourage me to pursue graphic design. She recognized that I loved art and told me I should go to school for design because it would give me the opportunity to do something I love without being a starving artist. It turns out that design became my passion and I owe all of my success to her.

Marc, Content and Digital Marketing:

My mom was a preschool teacher and she regularly taught lessons of empathy to both her students and her own kids. I remember her telling me that I should always think about how my actions impact other people. Physically, emotionally and otherwise. While I think she was trying to make me a good person, her lessons impacted me in a way that shaped my career. Along every step of my marketing and PR career I’ve kept a close eye on how work will impact the end customer. It’s something I’ve always kept close as I believe it delivers more powerful marketing.  

Sam, Graphic Designer:

My mom taught me to ask questions and never be afraid to talk to anyone. I can’t count how many times I’ve been in the line at a grocery store with my mom and she starts talking to the person in front of us. By the time it’s our turn to check out, they’ve covered everything from kids to work and household. Similar conversations I’ve had in line have sparked friendships, revelations and even professional contacts. My mom showed me that opportunities are everywhere, you just need to have the confidence to talk to people and ask questions.

Talia, Office Manager:

She used to say “Say yes more than no. Don’t ever say “That’s not my job.” Her point being that you pitch in and help the team — a rising tides raise all ships kind of thing. She always filled her cup to overflowing by being a badass but also a team player.

Tony, Associate Creative Director:

My mom encouraged me to leave the engineering track I started on to pursue my dream of becoming a designer across the country in Savannah, Georgia. My adult life was shaped by my decision to move 2,000 miles from home and do something I wanted instead of what I thought I should do.

Ward, Creative Director and CEO

She said, “go outside, it will make you feel better.” I tap into this even today. When I need to kickstart a writing project or adjust my perspective, I’ll go for a bike ride or just walk around the block.

To put it simply, our moms are badasses. We love you and the irreplaceable mom advice you’ve bestowed upon us over the years. Happy Mother’s Day to the best women we know!