3 More Join Duft Watterson’s Advertising Team

3 More Join Duft Watterson’s Advertising Team

Summer 2019 has turned out to be quite the season of growth for Duft Watterson. Just last month we added three more team members, making the current Duft Watterson headcount 18. It feels like every few weeks there is another new face in the office, which also provides us a  reason to welcome new team members with lunches and off-site activities. 

Our most recent venture? 

All 18 of us broke out our bike helmets for a quick (5 mile round trip) bike ride to the Dutch Goose – a local institution featuring homemade finger steaks and horseshoes – for a Friday afternoon R&R session. 

But back to our new team members. We’d love to give a warm and excited welcome to each of them. We love how the growth of our team brings new talent, unique qualities and fresh ideas to our ever-evolving advertising crew. So let’s meet the newest additions.

Randi – Designer

What peaked your interest in working for Duft Watterson initially?
Prior to working at Duft Watterson, I did some research online and there was just a good vibe. They seemed invested in its employees and like there was an interest in putting out work that was meaningful and creative. Overall, it just seemed like a place that I wanted to be a part of.

Tell us something people wouldn’t guess about you
My friends would probably say my sense of humor. I’m usually pretty reserved, so when I get to know people and start joking around with them, I think it can catch them off guard at first.

What’s the most rewarding part of working here so far?
The most rewarding part about working here is getting to do the work that has always interested me while still learning better ways to be a designer. I’m constantly learning more from others working here and it’s really rewarding to get to be a part of a team that works together to make sure everyone is succeeding.

Inna – Senior Designer

What do you love most about advertising design?
I enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on in advertising design. It allows for more experimental design and more explanations, which I love.

Favorite part about working in downtown Boise?
The best part about working in downtown Boise is that it’s close to the Boise River, local parks and everything is very walkable.

How would you describe the Duft Watterson team in three words?
Three words (or so)  to describe the culture here would be friendly, collaborative and like a family.

Hanna – Account Manager

Hanna Wenter

How did you first get your start in the advertising and marketing field?
While I am new to advertising, I got started in marketing in the beer industry. I initially managed retail promotional materials for a nationally distributed craft brewing company in Portland, Oregon. My favorite aspect of that role was collaborating with various teams – sales, brand, designers, regulatory – to make sure that our creative assets aligned with the various needs across the organization. From there, I knew I wanted to continue working with creative development and marketing!

Describe your role in 5 words or less:
Client advocate and team collaborator.

You’re a Boise transplant, tell us one thing you love about living here?
The hardest thing I’ll do today is try to choose just one! Above all, I’d say the pace of life – fast enough to stay interesting but mellow enough to be able to slow down and breathe. Massive honorable mention goes to the incredible climate and weather. Also, the people (Boise Kind is real). And the access to amazing mountain ranges is phenomenal. So…that’s my top four, I guess.

So there you have it! Welcome, Randi, Inna and Hanna to the Duft Watterson team. We can’t wait to see you propel our agency forward one project at a time.