Doctors and insurance, on the same team.

Doctors, patients and insurance, all together now.

Health insurance isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite topic of conversation. So, when we had the opportunity to collaborate with St. Luke’s to launch a new kind of health plan, everyone involved knew there was an opportunity to create something special, something that didn’t feel like traditional health insurance.

How so? The St. Luke’s hospital system already had a 120-year history. And during deep-dive brand and marketing strategy sessions, DW and St.Luke’s were able to codify how the system’s proven history could validate the new health plan’s unique benefits, like fewer pre-authorizations, on-demand virtual care, $0 primary care and access to more of the best doctors and specialists. Simply put, the new health plan was both a familiar brand and a game changer, and we had a roadmap for how to leverage both moving forward.

With the brand strategy in place, DW and St. Luke’s Health Plan team were able to lean in and create a brand language and design system inspired by St. Luke’s existing brand, but with new elements for a visual hierarchy, photographic style, and unique textures and drawn elements inspired by Idaho’s natural surroundings. This also inspired a new advertising campaign concept called, “All together now,” which we were simultaneously creating for multichannel marketing.

At the same time, DW and the St. Luke’s Health Plan team were pushing forward with the foundational technology and UX work for a health plan website that required a robust backend, clean and friendly design, seamless customer paths to the information they actually want, and adaptability for future iterations.

Within just a few months, which included late nights and marathon creative sessions, the new St. Luke’s Health Plan’s brand, advertising and website launched in Summer 2022. The initial feedback has been great, both from within the industry and people across Idaho.