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As a well-known back country skier, advocate and guide in Boulder, CO., Paul Rogers noticed that most backcountry magazines focused more on adrenaline than they did on arming people with the knowledge to get out there and have great experiences. The opportunity to create an online magazine that shared tips about backcountry skills, safety and equipment was significant.

And so, the idea for https://thepowdercloud.com was born. But since Powder Cloud was just an idea, it didn’t have a fully baked strategic path forward. It didn’t even have a brand. So, Paul and his new team contacted DW to lock arms and build the brand and its online presence from scratch. This included everything from strategic planning and content planning to copywriting, advertising and the design and development of the logo, brand merchandise and online magazine itself. Powder Cloud officially launched December 2019, and the response has been amazing. Merchandise is flying out the door, month-over-month web traffic increases exponentially, and strategic partnerships are being made with some of the outdoor industry’s most coveted brands.

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Photo: Todd Meier
Photo: Todd Meier
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