‘Sup Andy?

How a dog, a pro linebacker and student athletes lowered an outsized crash rate.

To the tune of over thousands of miles of roads. It’s why the Montana Department of Transportation is so important. Aside from building and maintaining roads, they save lives with positive driving campaigns. And that’s where DW comes in.

in just a few months, we concepted campaigns to curb aggressive, impaired, unrestrained, and distracted driving. But since our target audience was largely young men, we knew we needed to connect with them in an easy way that entertained, and with the things they’re interested in like humor and sports.

Enter Andy, the passenger dog who saves lives by curtailing bad driving decisions, even if he has to throw a few truth bombs to get the job done. He’s featured in four videos and various other marketing mediums.

Troy Anderson

he was a born and raised in Montana and played college ball at Montana State. He’s paid big money to be aggressive on the field, but when behind the wheel? Well, check out the videos to see what happens.

Student Athlete Partnerships

University of Montana and Montana State players in the Name Image and Likeness (NIL) circuit. These videos were activated across a variety of mediums both on and off campus to ensure that the messages are reaching college students and MSU/UM fans statewide.