McMillen creates spillways of opportunity.

How a refreshed brand is propelling the crafty, human-focused hydro engineering company forward.

McMillen saw an opportunity in front of them, but wasn’t quite sure how to capitalize on it. A few years ago, they merged with a large tunneling company. But the two cultures didn’t fit. While the tunneling company was traditional, McMillen was an agile and forward-leaning hydrology engineering company filled with industry-leading engineers, creative thinkers and solution-oriented builders.

They found their way forward with DW. After robust market analysis and a series of research sessions with the leadership team, we saw big opportunities to bring their unique expertise and humanity to life, which in turn would open doors for more projects aligned with their unique culture inspire, as well as inspire more talented people to apply for jobs. 


How? With a foundational brand strategy that codified their UVPs, brand position, archetype, brand voice and business line expressions. All of this informed refreshed brand design, a new lead generation website (still in the works), and a go-to-market social media plan with foundational creative assets. We also reimagined the trade show environment with a new booth concept, branded materials, signage and giveaways. Finally, our employee-focused brand manifesto–which literally brought their team members to their feet–branded collateral and apparel, resulted in enthusiastic adoption of the refreshed brand across departments, teams and industry partners. 


McMillen today is a culmination of all of this. The three arches in the logo don’t just hint at dam spillways, they’re also a nod to their three key business pillars: Design & Engineering, Construction, and Environmental. Their new brand manifesto and brand guide clarify who they are and their winning attributes and market opportunities. 


Since the new brand’s launch, McMillen has seen tremendous momentum. There’s a new winning attitude, and an embrace of new opportunities from an inspired workforce that has seen sales increase and job applications on the rise. 

Orange and white McMillen logo on teal long exposure water background
Animation showing McMillen color palette of ember orange, steel grey, midnight blue, pacific blue, and ice blue
Grid pattern of the McMillen logo mark in various colors on contrasting colored squares

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