Idaho runs on nonprofits.

Here to amplify good.

The Idaho Nonprofit Center represents over 9000 registered nonprofit organizations in Idaho. They also put on the state’s largest annual giving event, Idaho Gives. The sheer magnitude of the event and the lives it improves is astounding. But there was one problem: The Idaho Nonprofit Center itself wasn’t well known.

So they asked DW to help create a brand that Idahoans would rally around and then develop campaigns that would both raise awareness about Idaho Nonprofit Center while conveying the genuine value they bring to Idaho.

What was obvious to us was the fact that The Idaho Nonprofit Center is a conduit for helping nonprofits drive positive change in nearly every community. Simply put, we needed to communicate this in a way Idahoans would care about. And so, we landed on the campaign, “Idaho has given you so much, what can you do for it?”

Notice the design grid? We built it to reflect a pattern system that represents key pillars of the Idaho Nonprofit Center. All layouts were built into the grid to provide a flexible and endless system in which the brand could evolve. An additional element of our work included a new logo for the Idaho Gives event, and patterns that represented different categories of nonprofits. All of this was evident in our advertising that, for the last two years, has helped generate record donations during the Idaho Gives event. It turns out that good brand and advertising can nurture good.