HiRoad is a State Farm startup targeting Millennials by rewarding their mindful behavior. With the HiRoad app on their phones, drivers are provided helpful driving feedback and rewards along the way. Read More +

The idea was big, but we needed to launch it in a space crowded with Progressive, Root and Geico. So, we created the “Unrage the road,” campaign that invited people to choose something better than the typical angst and carelessness often seen on roads.

The result? Ever heard of the hockey stick growth trajectory? HiRoad achieved it. In Fact, it’s the fastest growing insurance company in America, signing up four times as many customers than they projected.

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Client: HiRoad
Project Date: Ongoing
Art Direction: Duft Watterson
Copy: Duft Watterson
Design: Duft Watterson
Advertising: Duft Watterson
Creative Direction: Scott Anderson