Inspiring viewers to cut cords,
one TV at a time.

Evoca TV

Anyone who has “cut the cable cord” quickly realizes that the cost of content quickly adds up once you have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But what if you could get good content with a new kind of technology, for less? 

That’s Evoca. They’re leveraging new “tower-to-TV” antenna tech to deliver a better, more consistent signal straight to homes, and for less money than traditional content providers like Hulu and Amazon.

Evoca came to Duft Watterson for help nailing down new market launch strategies that would help them grow across the U.S. So, in collaboration with the Evoca team and other crafty partners, we helped them create brand language, a brand position and codified UVPs, plus customer journeys, ecommerce CX, media planning, digital optimization and more that informed go-to-market strategies. 

And it’s working. Evoca is launching their TV service in new states in ways that position it as the “alternative to cable TV overlords,” which is making noise and driving new customer acquisitions that are beating projections, while ensuring acquisition costs remain low. So much so that plans for additional state launches are being activated as you read this.

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