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Combat Flip Flops

Army Rangers, Mathew “Griff” Griffin and Donald Lee, were wrapping up tours in Afghanistan when allied forces were packing up to return home. As military supply factories were decommissioned, they wondered about the fate of local employees. Would the lack of jobs and opportunity entice some toward radicalism?

That’s when the big idea hit them: Combat Flip Flops (CFF), a company that would make footwear and apparel in countries impacted by conflict so locals could have jobs, education and opportunity . The company launched in 2013 with some success. But Griff’s inspiring TedTalk and an appearance on Shark Tank led to bigger interest in CFF, and the team quickly realized it was time to rebrand to leverage its newfound investment capital and national interest.

That’s when they called Duft Watterson to help them codify brand strategies and create new brand design and an entirely new ecommerce website. The end result has been renewed excitement around the CFF brand as well as social media upticks and increased traffic to their ecommerce site. They also have a brand that’s ready for their national audience and growth.

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