Simplifying Fintech by creating a leading brand identity


When Bluefin, a leader in the data and payment security industry, came to us for help refreshing their brand identity, language and lead-gen website, we were eager to get started. Not only was it an opportunity to redesign a global tech brand but it was also a chance to rethink how a leading company expresses itself to a global audience.

Simply put, Bluefin’s service and offerings are complex, so it was important for a variety of customers to be able to understand the UVPs and distinguish between products. Their logo had history, but it was also dated and confusing. And their website was heavily trafficked, but difficult to navigate and capture leads. So, we partnered with Bluefin to tackle the following work to refresh their brand and digital footprint:

  • Brand messaging
  • Logo design
  • Website architecture
  • Website design