Meet Bigfoot.

Here to help you discover the unknown.

Our brand position is 180 degrees from Madison Ave. So, when we met Bigfoot, a New York City-based lifestyle tech company disrupting how the world finds fun things to do, we immediately knew we’d be fast friends. Three days later (literally) we were toasting to building a brand and multi-channel advertising campaign (from scratch).

How’s that? Bigfoot understands that when we want to find things to do, we all suffer from paralysis by analysis. Too many of us get bogged down by too many reviews for too many choices. Bigfoot solves this with proprietary tech that makes finding fun easy. Spend a few minutes on the handy platform and you’ll see it’s not another Yelp, Thrillest, Roadtrippers or Time Out. Bigfoot actually learns from your behavior and aggregates the experiences you like in the city you’re in, even as your tastes change—everything from concerts happening tonight to that poodle parade with mimosas on a Monday. 

But getting here was no easy matter. With launch dates just months away, DW and Bigfoot dove right into crafting a brand strategy that included Bigfoot’s mission, purpose, UVPs, brand voice, archetype and more. For brand design, we created a visual hierarchy, color palette, unique textures and a Bigfoot character that inspires the urban explorer in all of us to get out and discover our city’s hidden gems. With a new brand in hand, we began concepting an advertising campaign for Bigfoot’s NYC launch. Our key insight was to tap into the power of the unknown—the idea that the sense of discovery you have as a child doesn’t have to slowly dry up in adulthood. What came next was the campaign called, “It’s out there.” Together, these foundational brand elements and advertising informed our social media and paid search strategists to create a media plan that reached the right people at the right time.

Logo Before
Logo After