spenser wilson media planner and buyer


Senior Manager, Media Strategy

Curiosity knows neither bounds nor limits.

Spenser longs to understand the world’s madness; this has become one of the main driving forces behind his work ethic, goals, and strategic approach to life. The only time to stop learning is, well, never. There is always more to learn and the random walk our markets take will make sure of that. The constant change in technology, trends, pop culture, and endless other variables that progress society keep Spenser on his feet and excite him to be in an ever-changing industry.

He is intrigued by people; there is so much depth in differing opinions, personalities, habits, and the value we assign to qualities and experiences. This is where Spenser knew media planning and buying was his niche. He gets to research everything there is to know about different people and industries then narrows down the best approach to linking them through strategic media placements.