Randi grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, the west’s most inland seaport, due to its location perfectly suited to move the region’s bountiful natural resources to Portland. And, very often, its people.

But when it came time for Randi to fine-tune her creative musings, she headed to Boise–that “other” up and coming creative town–to earn her BFA in Graphic Design. And we’re thrilled that she did.  At DW, Randi is a heads-down designer who helps companies discover unique brand expressions in an ever crowded market.

At home, Randi is a voracious reader of thrillers and historical fiction. She also does wood linocut printmaking which can be seen in a range of her work, from logo design to, oddly enough, digital UI/UX design. When she’s not doing that, she can be seen rambling through the foothills with her two dogs, Zeke and Coco.