Senior Account Manager

All the way from the land of beer and cheese, Mckenzie comes to us from a rural Wisconsin town whose claim to fame are so Midwest it hurts… butterburgers and cow chip festivals. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mckenzie dedicated herself to learning the art of great storytelling as a Journalism and Strategic Communication major. Since graduation, Mckenzie has been sharpening her natural organization and communication skills as an agency Account Manager for companies such as Duluth Trading Company–always striving to become the best advocate she can be for her agency, her teammates, and most especially, her clients.

Mckenzie prefers to spend as much time as possible traveling. Whether camping in new State Parks or bunking in hostels throughout Southeast Asia, she has an innate tendency to seek out a little healthy discomfort, adventure, and novelty in life. When she needs to be indoors–like during a Wisconsin blizzard–Mckenzie reads from her insurmountable stack of bedside books and reviews them on her #bookstagram. Or cuddles with her pandemic-adopted cat, Pete Souza. Or makes bread in her breadmaker like a 1980’s housewife. Or, instead, just watches early reruns of Real Housewives (…Yes, she is fully aware that the last fact is embarrassing).

Mckenzie believes that people work their best when they are happy, and she tries to foster that environment wherever she is