Matt Hilburn

Brand and Market Researcher (SLC)

Although Matt is an accomplished mathematician, he’s also adept at divining human meaning from numbers. Though he gets excited about a max-differential study, he also loves seeing what it means for creative expression. For clients, it means inspired creative paths forward that are rooted in empirical evidence.

Matt holds a Master of Statistics in Econometrics and a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business from the University of Utah. He’s spent the past 15 years as a statistician, marketing researcher, economist, business consultant, and leader for brands such as Microsoft, Intel, Netflix, Castrol Oil, and many others. He has extensive experience conducting in-depth studies delivered through insightful reports. His work demonstrates a passion for data and excellence in translating technical findings into everyday language for informed decision making. Matt’s keen eye for survey design and methodology lends itself well to both qualitative and quantitative research. With a background in both analytics and marketing, he builds data-driven reports and presentations that are interesting, insightful, and easy to digest.