Digital Specialist

Liliana, aka “Lili”, grew up in two magical places with two incredible cultures: Montana and Mexico. She spent her winters in Mexico going to school and helping on her family’s hunting lodge. Her summers were spent in Montana, riding horses and fly fishing with her brothers. Growing up in these two distinct cultures helped shape the way she sees the world: embracing hard work, and always looking for the distinct differences and diversities that life offers. She’s also fluent in both Spanish and English.

Lili is a graduate of the University of Montana with a double major in photojournalism and marketing, and is Google Digital Marketing certified. As Digital Coordinator at DW, she leverages her creative and digital talents to help amplify and optimize our clients’ brands across all digital channels, both earned social and paid, with SEO content strategy, social media management, digital media strategy and placements, campaign performance reporting. Her Latina roots inspire her flair for color, passion for creativity, and social good with her work. Her Montana roots are foundational for her hard work, authenticity, and big ideas.