Account Manager

An Oregon native, Kaeleigh comes to us from the city known for keeping it weird. Portland. She studied Advertising at the University of Oregon where her proudest achievements include running a fashion and lifestyle magazine for two years, publishing a thesis on the future of brand sustainability in the apparel industry, and sitting in as Strategist at Allen Hall Advertising.

As an avid reader of the Business of Fashion and AdWeek’s sustainability section, Kaeleigh loves researching new business innovations and ways to make the consumer market greener. With Duft Watterson’s 1% for the Planet initiative, Kaeleigh feels right at home with her new team in Boise. 

To leave you with a few final facts about Kaeleigh, she’s fluent in German from two stints living in Germany, she loves the Fast and Furious movies so much that sometimes she tears up thinking about how Vin Diesel walked Paul Walker’s daughter down the aisle on her wedding day (IRL), and she’s probably the only Gen-Zer without TikTok.