Media Planning & Execution

Creative and media,
working as one.

DW Media was created to work arm and arm with our creative team, literally under one roof. This unique collaborative model inspires the discovery of unique tactics, genuine audience engagement and disruption opportunities in ways traditional media agencies can’t.

Technology is only as good as the human thinking driving it. So whether we’re setting budgets, determining channel allocation, expressing audience insights or establishing attribution, we amplify creative insights with technology to fine tune, deploy and optimize each campaign. Our team has a combined decades of experience in media strategy, planning and buying across traditional and digital mediums including: broadcast television & radio, connected television and OTT, digital display, direct mail, out of home, paid search, paid social, streaming audio, print, and more. Please contact our team for a detailed list of which platforms we are currently buying media through.
What we do:

Strategic planning & buying

Reference historical data, execute market research and leverage it alongside current consumer trends to build a media strategy that will achieve campaign goals.

Campaign management & optimization

Ongoing testing and optimization of all digital campaigns including copy, creative, and targeting to efficitenly spend budgets and drive conversions

Performance media buying

Digital campaign management for dynamic high performing campaigns with revenue based conversion goals.

Comprehensive reporting

Each client is delivered monthly reporting and our team can set up custom reporting dashboard covering digital campaigns and website analytics so you’re always in the know when it comes to campaign performance