brand strategy

brand strategy: discover your brand persona

Explorer or caregiver? Lover or champion? Sage or magician? You might not think of your brand as a classic archetype, but high-performing brands like Disney, Home Depot and Volvo do. And you should, too. Doing so will help you build a solid brand strategy foundation that informs the rest of your marketing so you can move forward knowing you’re delivering the right brand persona, position, UVPs and message to the right audience.

brand strategy elements:

brand positioning

conduct a brand assessment and audit, including interviews with key stakeholders, employees and customers, to identify the most important value you deliver to your customers and distill into a concise brand position statement

UVP definition

explore and codify your brand’s key unique value propositions (UVPs) that you can best leverage


conduct stakeholder interviews, identify brand traits and market openings to align your brand with a viable brand archetype that trues back to your mission and vision

audience segmentation

analyze and research your customers’ expectations, needs and motivators and align your messaging around it

competitor SWOT analysis

analyze what the other guys are doing to determine your brand’s strategic foothold

brand planning

interpret the data we collected and determine how it informs your brand’s path forward

With an informed brand strategy as your foundation, all of your marketing works together, and with fewer missteps, from advertising to design, digital assets, merchandising, even how your team members answer phones.