Why Boise is for creatives

Let’s All Go to Boise for Some Creative Inspiration

Let’s All Go to Boise for Some Creative Inspiration

Creative ideas in marketing often come from unexpected places. If your job is dependent on thinking outside the box, there’s nothing more frustrating than the lackluster feeling of being uninspired by your surroundings. It’s easy to feel like you need to go experience something exciting to get your creative juices flowing, like booking a ticket to Europe or backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. Sure, those areas may help inspire creative genius, but for this Boise marketing agency, we think creatives should pack their bags and head to Boise, Idaho instead.  

If you follow any American lifestyle, travel or business publication regularly, you’ve probably noticed a new, emphatic chatter surrounding Boise. In fact, the unsuspecting, yet charming city Duft Watterson calls home was named the fastest-growing cities in America last year by Forbes magazine. So what does a place like Boise have to offer creative folks looking for inspiration? And what could a Boise marketing agency tell you about how it feeds our creativity?

Get outside and out of your head

The outdoors are a fundamental part of Boise’s DNA. The close proximity to the mountains and convenience of getting out into nature offer something different than your typical metropolis. For Boise, recreational living comes easier than you think, with a ski resort within an hour’s drive and biking and hiking trails just minutes from downtown. The Duft Watterson team can often be found hopping on our bikes for a quick ride around downtown to clear our heads or walking around the block to work through some writer’s block. When we’re looking for inspiration, Boise’s outdoors feed the creativity beast and keep us coming back for more. 

Craft beer crafts ideas

Sometimes when seeking inspiration, there’s nothing like an ice-cold craft beer to help conjure up new ideas. With over 20 breweries throughout the Boise metro area, the options to enjoy delicious craft beer seem endless. You can’t go far without stumbling upon a brewery, which has earned Idaho a spot on the list of top ten states with the most breweries per capita. As a Boise marketing agency that often pow wows over a delicious beverage, we can’t help but respect the role beer culture plays in feeding our creative inspiration. So cheers to that! 

Musing on the local art scene

While you never know when or where inspiration will strike, a reliable place to look is the art world. Sometimes looking at the creative expression of others can inspire creativity in your own work. One great place to look? A public art gallery located in a downtown Boise street alley. Freak Alley draws attention year-round for its murals, graffiti and public art displayed on garage doors and backs of buildings. 

Good people tell great stories

Even though Boise offers plenty of pleasant aspects on its own, the people here attract more attention than anything – they are just nice. So nice that the term “Boise nice” started to catch on after out-of-towners visited the city. Some of the greatest moments of inspiration come from the stories of kind people – take our word for it. With the long long list of what there is to love and get inspired about in Boise, the warm and humble nature of its inhabitants is just icing on the cake. 

So next time you’re staring hopelessly at an empty screen waiting for creativity to hit, we encourage you to make a trip out to the Pacific Northwest’s hidden gem. Being one of a handful of Boise marketing agencies in town, we feel fortunate to be able to walk out our office doors and experience Boise whenever we need inspiration. At Duft Watterson, we’ve always known that it’s sometimes the small and simpler things in life that inspire us the most.