Account Manager

As an 18-year-old Boise native, Shauna was intrigued by Seattle’s 1990’s grunge scene, rainy winters and caffeinated urban bustle. So, off she went to pursue degrees in fine arts and business at Seattle Pacific University. Clearly Shauna had some right brain/left brain horsepower.

But it wasn’t long before sunnier climates, river rafting and cross-country skiing beckoned her back to Boise where she started her professional career as a wedding and event planner. Then, for sixteen years, she hustled in the fast-paced construction market as a high energy account manager, orchestrating complex projects across the US for long-term clients including Safeway, Albertsons and SuperValu/UNFI.

Today, with permanent roots in Boise, she chases two kids and still heads off to adventures with her outdoor-loving husband. And Duft Watterson? Shauna says it’s the perfect mix of marketing strategy and creativity for her right brain/left brain.