Designer | Illustrator

Sam has been tinkering and creating as early as he can remember. As a child growing up in Montana, he used sticks, rocks, pencils, paints — whatever he could get his hands on to build and create. Following his passion to college, he initially wanted to study architecture, but once he discovered graphic design he never looked back.

Sam lived in Los Angeles for two years studying design. He loved the energy of the big city but eventually traded it in for the Great Outdoors of his youth, graduating from Montana State University with a BFA in graphic design. He’s a huge fan of illustration and layout design, and can doodle along with the best of them. You can catch him with at least one-headphone on at all times, listening to everything from hip-hop to alternative rock to electronic.

Outside of work, Sam likes to cross country ski and play board games. He’s a big movie buff and dominates at trivia. He loves to read and is currently working his way through the classics — right now he’s plowing through The Count of Monte Cristo. At home, Sam always has some sort of personal project going. For him, every day is still a blank canvas that can be filled with whatever he can get his hands on to build and create.