Marc Cowlin

VP, Content and Digital Marketing

Marc started his career leading PR for Birkenstock (you know, back in the analog days when press releases were printed, placed in a folder and sent via snail mail to reporters). He always got a thrill when his work ended up in the pages of national magazines and the footwear he was promoting ended up in the hands (or on the feet) of celebrities. But living in the thick of San Francisco’s tech boom, he left his job for the dotcom world. In his 8+ year stint at CafePress, Marc’s team pushed the trend of combining PR storytelling with emerging media like social media and blogs to drive awareness and business. By integrating storytelling, data and content across multiple channels, he helped evolve the company’s marketing model into a machine that drove press, web traffic and sales.

Energized by his “discovery” of content marketing, he launched similar programs for B2B companies like Meltwater, This Moment and then as Director of Content Marketing and PR at Glassdoor. Today he leads Duft Watterson’s content marketing, PR, and digital marketing out of our San Francisco office. When he’s not thinking about advertising and marketing (which is rare), you’ll probably find him with his wife, kids and amazing dog Linus on the trails of Marin County’s Mt. Tamalpais.