Art Director

Madeleine grew up wrestling bears and catching salmon with her bare hands in Chugiak, Alaska. Okay, maybe she didn’t do those things. But growing up in Alaska did make her pretty darn tough — and the state’s splendor gave her quite an eye for design. Over the years Madeleine has provided design services to a variety of startups and clients in industries such as construction, utilities, health services, food and beverage, financial services, sports, women’s rights, museum and education, and theater. Oh, she was also a barista in a former life and is, how should we say it, an erudite coffee snob.

A graduate of Montana State University with a BFA in graphic design, Madeleine loves brand and logo design and photography. She also likes to travel and has had adventures all over the United States, Europe and even down under in Australia. And yes, we regularly ask her if she’ll ever take up bear wrestling.