isaac borup full stack developer


Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer

Ike discovered he had “the knack” for programming at the tender age of 5 when his father bought him an AST computer running Windows 3.1. He hasn’t been the same since. While booting DOS games from floppy disk, writing small bits of code, and helping his dad build computers from piles of parts, Ike ignited a curiosity that grew into a career as a software engineer and developer.

Like many programmers, Ike gained professional experience with an internship, learning full-stack development in a security-focused eCommerce-based environment that set the foundation for architecture planning and programming. But unlike many programmers, Ike found himself serving as lead developer for the platform 6 months later, learning the meaning of “trial by fire” over the following 2 years.

Since then, Ike has served as a software engineer for an international flower retailer and later as Director of Web Development for a boutique web design agency, developing and leading projects for clients ranging from large universities, international retailers and healthcare systems.

Thankfully, Ike’s passion for programming and technology has only grown since his first AST computer.