alyssa meyer account manager at duft watterson advertising agency


Account Manager

Above all, Alyssa is a people person. Loves ‘em. She thrives on getting to know others, learning their ‘why’, exploring different backgrounds and forming lasting relationships. This matters because Alyssa believes that great marketing and advertising campaigns stem from an ability to connect with people authentically, and that foundation should never be compromised.

With this in mind, Alyssa graduated from Boise State University and dove head-first into the world of entertainment marketing, driving sales and engagement for a large music venue and then onto a digital marketing agency. From grassroots campaigns to large-scale digital spends, crafting smart marketing plans that connect with people was, and is, what she’s passionate about.

At home, it’s safe to assume Alyssa’s working on yet another house project and successfully lobbying her husband into the fray- or chasing down a new Facebook Marketplace find (yep, she’s THAT person). Exploring the Idaho wilderness with her husband and husky is her favorite pastime. She loves to travel and always has that next place to explore on an ever-expanding list.