Senior Art Director

Alex has been experimenting with various art mediums since he was a kid. At the age of seven, he started fabricating and welding in his father’s shop. Once he got a pencil in his hand he was unstoppable, creating original works and stretching the limits of his imagination. Today he’s a prolific art director who always starts assignments the old-fashioned way — with pen and paper.

This Idaho native gets particularly nerdy about branding, typography, illustration and hand lettering for consumer and business-to-business markets. He’s an amazing lifestyle photographer who has worked with everything from grass-roots organizations to global clients, including HP, Oracle, Blue Cross of Idaho and the University of Idaho.

While he feels at home in Idaho’s rivers and mountains, he also likes to travel and scratch his epicurious itch sampling sake in Japan and cocktails in London and Paris. Thinking big, getting weird, working hard and crushing expectations is what Alex does best. The world is his canvas and we always look forward to what he creates next.