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2021 Duft & Watterson Gift Guide For Creative Minds

2021 Duft & Watterson Gift Guide For Creative Minds

The holidays are here! The question is, ‘What do you get creative people that have been locked in their house for three quarters of the year?’ In the past, the budget-conscious among us just shared our HBO password with family and friends and called it a day. But this year feels different. You can’t give the excuse that you didn’t have time to come up with a creative gift because, well, it’s not like you can really go anywhere over the holidays. So the pressure is on to come up with a meaningful gift that says ‘I get you,’ without being too creepy.

Luckily, the 2021 DW Gift Guide is here for you. From art directors who stay up late at night thinking about kerning to copywriters who write 150 headlines to get to that one good one, here’s the perfect gift for the marketers in your life.

Under $50

Pocket Tripod

Universal Single-Size


Remember annoying tourists and selfie sticks? This is the opposite of that. A great way to get the perfect shot anytime, anywhere.  


Grammarly Logo

For years, my mom corrected my grammar. Not anymore. 

Jessica Hische is Super Famous

The author of the New York Times best selling
Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave has a new book available for pre-order titled Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind and a host of cool stuff from Prints&Arts to Cards&Stationary that would make great holiday gifts.

Say It With Concrete
{ Bennet Fall }

If you can make concrete beautiful, you know you’ve got skills. From planters to jewelry, this local Boise shop does beautiful work in a very concrete way. (See what we did there?)

Swell: Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Stay hydrated and save the planet. It’s the least we can do.

Explore The World In A Beautiful Way

Finally, a simple travel journal to record your life’s journeys and share it with friends. 

Longhand Pencils

Remember pencils? Get personalized pencils for the writer or designer in your life.

Dick Wolf Hat
Executive Producer DICK WOLF Baseball Hat Law Order Dad Hat image 0

Seriously, who doesn’t need a Dick Wolf hat? Moments after putting this hat on, you’ll have an idea for a syndicated series that will run for 30 years. 

Guy Fieri Portrait
4 x 6 Guy Fieri / Food Network Portrait image 0

Perfect for anyone really but an especially thoughtful gift for your one designer friend that’s tired of agency politics and is ready to open a grilled cheese cart because there aren’t enough of those in the world.

RocketBook Reusable Notebook : Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook - Dot-Grid Eco-Friendly Notebook with 1 Pilot Frixion Pen & 1 Microfiber Cloth Included - Infinity Black Cover, Executive Size (6" x 8.8") : Office Products

The Snapchat of notebooks! Perfect for any designer who does logos or illustrations and doesn’t want to waste paper. Just scan the finished product when you’re done and start all over again.

Silver Cut Pet Keychain
Silver – Silvercut

We’re closer to our pets than ever before. If you have to leave the house without ‘em, now you won’t forget what they look like.

Hoodzpah | LinkedIn

A bunch of really cool designs for anyone that’s into really cool design.

Digitized Sketchbook

Ever feel like your designs are so rad they should be saved somewhere? This is your chance. 

Under $100

Logo Modernism

The perfect read for anyone into logos and modernism.

Under $250

Ember Temperature Controlled Mugs

You leave the house with coffee in a to-go mug and before you know it, it’s cold. Oh, the horror! Creatives need hot coffee to function properly. As David Ogilvy once said, ‘The ads are better when the mug is warm.’ I think he said that. Maybe not.

Want to learn directing from Martin Scorsese? Get online class passes 2 for 1 | TechRadar

Martin Scorcese. Serena Williams. Who wouldn’t want to take a class from the best in the business?

Skill Share
Skillshare - Wikipedia

Get unlimited access to thousands of classes taught by industry experts and award-winning creatives. 

Rareform: Must-Have Eco-Frinedly Bags

Check this out. These bags are made from leftover billboard vinyl. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who works in advertising and wondered what happens to your outdoor boards when the media buy ends. Now you know. 

Udemy for Business Accelerates Growth as Organizations Rely on Personalized Online Learning to Navigate Digital Transformation | Business Wire

If only I knew how to code, life would be so much easier. Well, maybe it still can be with the world’s largest selection of cyber courses.

Under $500

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sony Noise-Cancelling WH-1000XM4 Release Info | HYPEBEAST

The dog. Fox News. Your little sister. There’s no telling what sounds you’d like to drown out this year. These make it easy.

The Carry-On
The Carry-On in Black shown at an angle with raised telescoping handle

Never again will you struggle to shove your carry-on into the overhead bin.

Over $1000

Peloton | Buy the Peloton Bike

Remember that one commercial that turned everyone against Peloton? 

Seems like a lifetime ago.

Treadmill Desk
fully jarvis treadmill standing desk lifespan treadmill with jarvis bamboo desk

The ultimate healthy workstation because sitting all day is for the birds. 


Well, don’t just stand there. Order the perfect gift for your creative friends today!